Meet the Cat Lady


In order to know me, you must be introduced to the 3 most significant men in my life. Here goes:

1. Jesus Christ – My loving, compassionate Savior. He’s my constant companion. As I walk in singleness, I remember that He claims me as His Bride.

2. Oreo – The reason I wake up each morning. Literally. If he weren’t around to stick his nose in my face and walk across me, then meow continuously until I get out of bed to feed him I would sleep until mid-afternoon. I’m just not a morning person.

3. Arthur – He is a 1992 Kawasaki Vulcan – and he is my dream come true. First of all I know you are wondering how I know he is a boy. Trust me – I know. he is a constant reminder of God’s love for me. He brings me joy, confidence, and hope.

I invite you to follow me on my journey through life. Relate to me. I am just a Christian, single girl. And I love my cat.


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      • Yeah… ps… Maybe you should tell the world who… er… what Arthur is….. lol. And if you’d like me to get rid of some of the sample text or just show you how, let me know. I’ll be at your place Thursday. You can use my computer then. Or we’ll both forget and it won’t get done. 😛
        BTW, world, Arthur is a motorcycle.

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