Good Men Give Me Rabies


Proverbs 4:23 “Keep your heart with all diligence, For out of it spring the issues of life.”

                My parents’ cat, Lady, began her life roaming the great outdoors. She actually adopted our family. One day she jumped up on our porch and walked straight toward me to show affection. She pushed her face up against my hand and purred. Did I hear a slight growl as well? In an instant I realized my finger was coated in drool.

“Ech… wait a minute. Dogs drool. Cats are not supposed to. Her name is Lady. Didn’t anybody ever tell her drooling is not ladylike?” I muttered to myself, amused and disgusted simultaneously. Then my eyes widened. “Does she have rabies?!”

False alarm! As uncharacteristic as drooling may be for cats, Lady is indeed a drooler. Kinda gross, but we love her anyway. The interesting part is that she only seems to drool when she has been outdoors. Move her inside and her mouth dries considerably. It’s like the open fields are a trigger for those rabid tendencies.

Unfortunately, I recently discovered that I also have a rabies trigger: Good men. Don’t misunderstand me. Good men don’t make me drool. My mom trained that habit out of me at a young age. When I see a good man I am NOT overcome with an urge to bite him or infect him with disease – thank God! That would just be creepy.

Instead, when I meet a remarkable man, much of my life story and all current drama I am facing seeps out of my mouth like foam. Animals that usually sleep during the day and come out of hiding at night will be seen gallivanting out in the open during broad daylight once they contract rabies. In the same manner, many of my deep, dark secrets come to light when I meet a good man. The animals that run from humans in terror while healthy, strut right on by a human while rabid. All caution is thrown to the wind. The walls I’ve so carefully built around my emotions collapse in a heap when I encounter a man I feel I can trust. I spill everything . I may try to hold some things back, but this mouth-foaming is incredibly hard to control. Once I start, there’s no stopping me. The last guy I met who affected me in this manner learned of my hot temper, my family’s latest feud, my worst heartbreak, and several of the stupidest decisions I have ever made – all in one night. Don’t forget that was the first night I met him. I’ve only seen him once since then.

There is something about a trustworthy man. The feeling of security he exudes envelopes me. I can tell him my deepest fears, and he won’t misuse that knowledge. I can share personal struggles. He won’t judge me. I can ask for advice. He will not steer me down the wrong path. I suppose if I am going to get rabies around anybody, a good man is the best option.

With that notion in mind, I want to issue a warning. Are you also a woman who contracts rabies around men? Do your walls fall down and allow your life stories to tumble out your mouth? If this is you, find your trigger. If men in general are your trigger, beware. I am blessed to have poured out my heart to some truly wonderful men. But a not-so-good man will jump all over a vulnerable woman. Learn to discern. In order to guard your heart, you must first guard your mouth.


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