The Scent of Singleness


Cats migrate toward Cat Ladies. I stepped outside of my apartment this weekend to discover Punkin, a neighbor’s cat who the SPCA came to pick up a few weeks ago, sitting on my porch waiting for my attention.

Since the SPCA had taken him, I was rather surprised to see him back. I’ve never fed Punkin. He is not allowed inside. (Oreo does not like him – if nothing else, I am loyal to my Oreo. The apartment is strictly his territory.) Still, Punkin comes back. Oliver, another neighborhood cat, showed up on my porch in a similar manner. I don’t leave food. I don’t have mice. I just love on them when they stop by. They always come looking for more.

Expensive colognes sometimes contain pheromones, chemicals that secrete from a man’s body which may create a physical reaction in a woman. Essentially these chemicals are meant to capture a woman’s attention. Scientists say that pheromones are absorbed or recognized through a person’s nose. I suppose we can “sniff out” love, in a sense.

This phenomenon caused me to wonder if there are other chemicals humans secrete and sniff out. Is this process truly limited to men and their pheromones? The cats in my neighborhood seem to be able to sniff me out from all my neighbors. (I hope that does not mean I stink…)

My friend and her husband dropped me off at our meeting point after Bible Study one Tuesday. I left their car and entered my own. My home was only about a two minute drive. Before I reached my destination, however, the friend I just left had already texted me. Her husband was curious as to whether or not I would be interested in meeting his friend. I asked if he was talking about a get-together as buddies or a blind date. The response was almost immediate. Blind date.

About two weeks later I walked into my co-worker’s office to drop off a report. As he spoke into his phone he motioned for me to take a seat.  I plopped down in a chair. He hung up after leaving his message and declared, “I spoke to your future father-in-law yesterday.”

Feeling rather clueless, I replied, “Which one?”

He chuckled and reminded me of a young man he had hoped to introduce me to months ago. This young man would be home visiting from college for the Christmas season. My co-worker told me he would like us to meet during that time frame. He assured me that he does not usually set people up this way, but he cannot help himself in this particular situation. He believes we are perfectly suited. I listened to him describe “my future husband” for a few more minutes, and then I wandered away from his office back to my desk.  He and his wife had asked this prospect what he was looking for in a girlfriend. The young man answered, “I want a girl who is at peace with herself.”

Apparently my co-worker and his wife believe that I fit that description.

Then of course, another woman I work with is constantly hoping to set me up. Every time she thinks of someone new, she drops a hint. I’d be lying if I said these were the only three persons determined to find me a mate.

I cannot help but wonder if I exude a scent of singleness. Interestingly, my chemicals do not seem to attract single, young men. They drift instead toward cats and matchmakers. Oh, well. I suppose there are worse things I could attract.


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