If You Love Me, Rub My Feet


The prophetess looked down upon my bare toes and smiled. Her head bobbed up and she gazed into my eyes.

“I feel as if the Lord just told me that your husband will like to rub your feet!” Her smile widened as she spoke.

I cannot count the number of times I’ve since reminisced over that particular moment, and mumbled heavenward, “Please, Jesus, let it be true!”

I returned home from work tonight with a knot in my back. I rubbed the sore spot and wondered to myself if I ever will get married. And if my husband really will give wonderful massages. I would love to daydream about more important things. But that spasm isn’t going to work itself out – and it is quite distracting. So as I awkwardly reach around myself to loosen the painful knot, I also think back to the words of that prophetess. Suddenly, marriage sounds wonderful.

I have to remind myself during moments like these that my husband will not be my slave. It is not his duty to rub my feet, or my neck or back or anything else. It may just be a nice bonus. Or it may not have any part in my marriage. After all, the prophetess used the words “I feel as if”. She never busted out the “Thus saith the Lord!”  She may have been completely off.

The biggest problem with my line of reasoning is that I immediately place my future husband in the servant role.  Although a husband and a wife should serve one another, my focus should not rest upon his service. I should be paying closer attention to my own role. That classic “grass is greener” mentality means that single me thinks that married me will experience a lovely foot rub each and every night. I kind of doubt any future husband will appreciate that attitude within me.

We may have to test out his foot massaging skills before I make any real commitment.

Jesus asked Peter three times if he loved Him. Each time Peter confirmed. Then Jesus issued his plea, “Feed my sheep.”

If you love me, I ask you not to feed my sheep, but I beg of you – PLEASE, RUB MY FEET!


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