He Is With Me



Everybody seems to focus on the negative aspects of breakups. I have to admit – breakups seem to work in my favor. Or at least one breakup worked in my favor. I just got back from a fabulous Mandisa concert due to a breakup. My friend’s extra ticket was originally designated for her boyfriend. But since she is newly single, she invited me along instead… And we had a blast!

I enjoy some of Mandisa’s music, but I am no diehard fan. Therefore I had never before heard this incredible woman’s story. Without going into great detail she referenced some childhood abuse and her resulting mistrust toward men. She moved on to describe her fear-driven journey toward obesity. She numbed the pain from those unfair memories bite by bite, taste by taste, seeking comfort in every morsel.

Unfortunately, the comfort those empty calories carried was fleeting. At her heaviest point, or in her words –her “morbidly obesist” – she realized that her unhealthy eating habits were ruining her life. She did not seem to care about being skinny. She did care about being healthy.

In a world where reference to abuse is taboo, Mandisa boldly shared her testimony. In a country where gluttony is considered “culturally acceptable” and pastors don’t preach against it, Mandisa bravely confessed her struggle. The greatest part, however, was her ending point: Jesus delivered her.

That beautiful woman dropped 100 life-inhibiting pounds, and now she dances on stage with all kinds of enthusiasm, praising her Deliverer! I am posting “He is With You” on this blog only because she sings about giving up about finding your true love toward the end of her song. As she belted those lyrics out live at the concert, she gestured toward herself to humbly proclaim her own fears.

Mandisa worries she may be single for life. She asks Jesus Christ to walk beside her down this path called life. She trusts that through all the worries, all the pain, all the struggles, He is with her. She clings to hope and boasts of God’s steadfast loyalty. As she faces her childhood haunts, as she lives her dream onstage, as she battles the temptation to overeat, and as she cherishes the friends around her, Mandisa reminds herself and others that God is always with us. I believe Mandisa knows that although she is single, she is still the lovely Bride of Christ.


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